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Organic Materials aims to broaden the knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of chemistry and materials. Thus, both experimental and theoretical studies, the implementation of new synthetic methods or the synthesis of new materials, as well as new applications of new or existing materials are considered for publication.


Scope of Organic Materials:

Functional materials
• surfaces
• polymeric materials
• thin films
• porous materials
• shape-programmable materials
• biocompatible materials
• multifunctional materials
• hierarchical materials
• organic solid state chemistry
• metamaterials
• new carbon allotrope

• sensors
• organic 3D printing
• self-healing and -cleaning materials

Optics and Eletronics
• semiconductors
• superconductors
• liquid crystals
• supercapacitors
• thermoelectrics
• ferroelectrics
• organic electronics incl. solar cells
• lasers
• optical materials
• light-emitting materials
• photonics

Nanochemistry related topics
• nanoelectronics (spintronics)
• nanomedicine
• colloids
• self-assembly
• nanomaterials
• nanotubes
• nanowires
• nanoparticles
• Quantum dots
• supramolecular chemistry

Characterization methods

The following article types are published in Organic Materials:

  • Original Papers
    Full papers covering original research which provide dependable research results with detailed experimental procedures and full characterization of all important new compounds.


  • Letters
    Preliminary reports of new research results whose significance to the scientific community justifies communication in a short format.


  • Reviews
    Manuscripts providing a comprehensive overview of a specific topic for the reader.


  • Personalized Reviews
    These follow the format of Reviews. However, they provide a personal view on a specific topic. If you are interested in contributing a Review, please contact Organic Materials first to check scheduling and suitability.


Special attention should be paid to the Organic Materials Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

Organic Materials is a gold open access journal. For the initial period, Organic Materials will not apply article publication charges (APC). An author can opt to pay an APC on a voluntary basis (pay-what-you-want model) to contribute to Thieme´s community efforts. Upon publication, you can freely download all articles directly from the Thieme e-Journals platform.

Articles are published in open access format under the current Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license. This means that everyone is free to download, copy, distribute, share, and display articles, provided that the authors are properly credited. However, commercial use of the material or derivative works is not permitted. Although Thieme’s default license is CC-BY-NC-ND, in case of a funder requiring it, authors may select another license (e.g. CC-BY) and the Publisher will arrange publication accordingly.

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